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Scientific description of frogfish species

References for this website:


Antennarius biocellatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 174
Antennarius commerson      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 92
Antennarius hispidus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 71
Antennarius indicus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 115
Antennarius maculatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 87
Antennarius multiocellatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 99
Antennarius pardalis      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 107
Antennarius pauciradiatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 180
Antennarius pictus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 79
Antennarius randalli      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 178
Antennarius sarasa      junior synonym for F. scriptissimus
Antennarius striatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 54


Antennatus analis      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 163 (Antennarius analis) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus bermudensis      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 153 (Antennarius bermudensis) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus coccineus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 144 (Antennarius coccineus) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus dorehensis      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 166 (Antennarius dorehensis) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus duescus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 160 (Antennarius duescus) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus flagellatus      Ohnishi & Iwata & Hiramatsu p. 213
Antennatus nummifer      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 138 (Antennarius nummifer) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus linearis     Randall & Holcom p. 137
Antennatus rosaceus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 170 (Antennarius rosaceus) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus sanguineus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 157 (Antennarius sanguineus) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Antennatus sp. = Nudiantennarius subteres
Antennatus strigatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 189
Antennatus tuberosus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 193


Echinophryne crassispina      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 236
Echinophryne mitchelli     Pietsch & Grobeker p. 239
Echinophryne reynoldsi     Pietsch & Grobeker p. 243


Fowlerichthys avalonis      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 125 (Antennarius avalonis) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Fowlerichthys ocellatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 131 (Antennarius ocellatus) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Fowlerichthys radiosus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 118 (Antennarius radiosus) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Fowlerichthys scriptissimus      Nakabo p. 866 (Antennarius scriptissimus) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012
Fowlerichthys senegalensis      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 129 (Antennarius senegalensis) / Arnold, Pietsch 2012



Histiophryne bougainvilli     Pietsch & Grobeker p. 253
Histiophryne cryptacanthus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 255
Histiophryne maggiewalker      Arnold & Pietsch 2011
Histiophryne pogonius Arnold
Histiophryne psychedelica      Pietsch & Arnold & Hall
Histiophryne sp.1 (Papua New Guinea)
Histiophryne sp.2 (Taiwan)


Histrio histrio      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 199


Kuiterichthys furcipilis      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 215
Kuiterichthys pietschi Arnold 2013


Lophiocharon hutchinsi      Pietsch p. 159
Lophiocharon lithinostomus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 229
Lophiocharon trisignatus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 224


Nudiantennarius subteres      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 184 / Pietsch, Arnold 2017


Phyllophryne scortea      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 243


Porophryne erythrodactylus      Arnold, Harcourt & Pietsch, 2014


Rhycherus filamentosus      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 249
Rhycherus gloveri      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 248


Tathicarpus butleri      Pietsch & Grobeker p. 259

Undescribed Frogfishes

Lembeh Anglerfisch = Nudiantennarius subteres   Allen & Steene & Humann & Deloach p. 363

Sydney Anglerfisch = Porophryne erythrodactylus      Arnold, Harcourt & Pietsch, 2014

Frogfish species

Theodore W. Pietsch and David Grobecker: Frogfishes of the world, Stanford University Press 1987, ISBN 0-8047-1263-8
(Out of print, so check the libraries. This is the scientific book about frogfishes!) Link to Google Books

Fowlerichthys scriptissimus (Antennarius scriptissimus)

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Antennatus flagellatus

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Antennatus linearis

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Histiophryne maggiewalker

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Histiophryne pogonius

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Histiophryne psychedelica

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Kuiterichthys pietschi

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Lophiocharon hutchinsi

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Nudiantennarius subteres

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Porophryne erythrodactylus

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Nomenclature (phylogenetic relations)

Rachel J. Arnold (2010) Evolutionary History of the Teleost Family Antennariidae (Order Lophiiformes): Evidence from DNA, Reproduction, and Geographic Distribution, with Notes on Conservation Implications PDF

Rachel J. Arnold, Theodore W. Pietsch (2012) Evolutionary History of Frogfishes (Teleostei: Lophiiformes: Antennariidae): A Molecular Approach, 117-129. PDF

Based on these new findings the nomenclatur for 13 frogfish species (all of the former genus Antennarius) was changed and this website corrected accordingly in 2012:

Antennarius avalonis Fowlerichthys avalonis
Antennarius ocellatus Fowlerichthys ocellatus
Antennarius radiosus Fowlerichthys radiosus
Antennarius scriptissimus Fowlerichthys scriptissimus
Antennarius senegalensis Fowlerichthys senegalensis
Antennarius analis Antennatus analis
Antennarius bermudensis Antennatus bermudensis
Antennarius coccineus Antennatus coccineus
Antennarius dorehensis Antennatus dorehensis
Antennarius duescus Antennatus duescus
Antennarius nummifer Antennatus nummifer
Antennarius rosaceus Antennatus rosaceus
Antennarius sanguineus Antennatus sanguineus

PDF Phylogenetic relationships

Frogfish behavior

Teresa Zubi: Mostly my own observations when diving

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Also available at seachallengers (Pages 329 etc - photos of various colorings of each frogfish species, very interesting!)

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Information about frogfishes

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My recommendation: A great DVD with coverage of the uncommon animals living in the Lembeh strait by Shark Bay Films "The Critter Trilogy" (John Boyle). Filmed entirely in Indonesia's Lembeh Strait in open water. Great coverage of frogfishes feeding and much more! Sold by

I identified all frogfishes (anglerfishes) to my best knowledge. Frogfishes are specially difficult to identify (see tips for identification) so mistakes are possible of course! Please write to me, if you have any questions. Latin names according to the newest scientific findings, ITIS Standard Report and Fishbase.

. Copyright Teresa Zubi