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Frogfishes - Anglerfische

Fishbase: Family Antennariidae - Frogfishes

Fishbase: All frogfish species

Tree of life about frogfishes (Theodore W. Pietsch)

Frogfish-website of the BayScience Foundation

Wikipedia English about Frogfishes - Wikipedia Deutsch zu Anglerfischen

ETH Zürich about frogfishes - ETH Zürich über Anglerfische

Pictures of skeletons of frogfishes (CAS - family Antennariidae) - Bilder vom Knochenbau von Anglerfischen (CAS - Familie Antennariidae)

Photos - Fotos

Fishbase has the largest collection of photos of frogfishes - look at the taxonomy page and click on the link next to the species names

Frogfishes from Japan (over 600 photos)

Australian frogfishes - Australische Anglerfische

seaphotos (specially Australian species)


My recommendation: A great DVD with coverage of the uncommon animals living in the Lembeh strait by Shark Bay Films "The Critter Trilogy" (John Boyle). Filmed entirely in Indonesia's Lembeh Strait in open water. Great coverage of frogfishes feeding and much more! Sold by

Ich empfehle ausserdem: eine DVD über die Tiere in der Lembeh-Strasse, ausgezeichnete Aufnahmen, unter anderem von Anglerfischen, die am Fressen sind. Super! Shark Bay Films "The Critter Trilogy" (John Boyle). Kaufen bei

Deep Sea Anglerfishes - Tiefsee-Anglerfisch

Fishbase has the largest collection of photos of deep sea anglerfishes - look at the taxonomy page and click on the link next to the species names.

The Australian Museum has a website with several photos and a good description and some close-ups of the lure, esca and caruncles. Search by Latin name.

NOVA has a page about deepsea anglerfishes with some nice photos of living anglerfishes taken underwater.

Google image search works quite well, if you search for the Latin names.

The Worsley school has a page with photos of living deep sea anglers

Some really interesting black-and-white photos and illustrations I have found on Tierlexikon, a German page. Even if you don't understand the text, just hover with your cursor over the text that says "(Abbildung ...)" and a small photo is visible. Then click on the underlined word to see a larger photo.

Frogfish forum a webpage for marine predators, focusing on frogfishes, mantis shrimps and puffers


I identified all frogfishes (anglerfishes) to my best knowledge. Frogfishes are specially difficult to identify (see tips for identification) so mistakes are possible of course! Please write to me, if you have any questions. Latin names according to the newest scientific findings, ITIS Standard Report and Fishbase.

Ich habe alle Anglerfische nach meinen besten Kenntnissen identifiziert. Anglerfische sind jedoch speziell schwierig zu identifizieren (siehe Tipps zur Identifikation), Fehler sind deshalb natürlich möglich! Bitte schreibe mir, falls Du Fragen hast. Lateinische Bezeichnungen nach den neusten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen, ITIS Standard Report und Fishbase.

. Copyright Teresa Zubi